Zach Fisher

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Maybe there's something special in the air there, because my first passion in life was programming.

In middle school, I co-created and developed (now sadly defunct, but once serving up hundreds of thousands of songs uploaded by independent musicians for free distribution).

In high school, I developed a love for physics and math. My interests drove me to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from where I graduated with a bachelors degree in physics. While at MIT, I worked at the Research Laboratory of Electronics in the laboratory of Isaac Chuang, developing an ion-trap quantum computer.

I went on to get a Ph.D. in physics at the University of California, Berkeley, working with Professor Raphael Bousso. My area of expertise is holography, which is the study of quantum gravitational systems. I worked on problems relating to entropy bounds, including the first general proofs of the Bousso bound. We also introduced a new principle of quantum gravity called the Quantum Focusing Conjecture. This conjecture is closely related to the Bousso bound, but goes further. It implies a new bound relating energy and entropy in quantum field theory called the Quantum Null Energy Condition, which we proved in free field theories (and which was later proven more generally). This result is important because it is the only known lower bound on the local value of energy density in quantum field theory.

I was a postdoc at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics as an It from Qubit fellow and postdoctoral researcher, where I worked on issues related to black holes, energy positivity and the swampland. You can read some of my papers here.

These days, I work on natural language processing at Google Research.

I don't use much social media, but you can connect with me on LinkedIn, see what I'm coding on GitHub, and read what I'm reading on Goodreads.

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